Coronavirus – Customer Information

Dear Customers

As coronavirus can be transferable through bedding and towels for up to 72 hours, we are taking extra measures to help keep a safe working environment as advised by the HSE government guidelines for laundries.

  • Medical grade laundry disinfectant will be used in all wash loads.
  • Please properly bag up all laundry before it reaches us. No loose items will be excepted.
  • The option of gloves and hand sanitiser are provided when visiting.
  • We can wash at high temperatures where necessary.
  • 1 customer at a time when dropping off. Please stay in reception and someone will come out to you.
  • We advise using a washable laundry bag or a disposable one.
  • Staff will be wearing the appropriate PPE and distancing where possible.
  • We will be operating with a smaller team and shorter working hours.
  • Hygiene is key for us here at pillowpress and not only do we want to look after our staff but our customers as well.

Please call if you are unsure about anything or have any questions.